SAS Transport, LLC is your premier Transportation Service Provider. With beginnings as a driver and then small carrier, we have grown in the business and thus, we understand our industry and our customers from top to bottom. 

SAS Transport is not an 'asset based broker', we are a Carrier with Broker Authority. 

As a carrier with company trucks, we understand the cost of operations. We have a grasp on more than the obvious costs that anybody with a vehicle can quote. We know the true expense of operating (tracking and maintaining equipment, personnel, liability and ever changing regulatory requirements). 

We know that operating to 'pay fuel' does not make a company successful but only invites failure. 

SAS Transport balances the business model. We know that each entity in the supply chain depends upon the success of the others in the chain. The failure or success of one will undoubtedly affect the others. 

Without customers, trucks don't move. Without carriers and drivers, freight stays put. Without a strong, reliable resource to organize and coordinate your logistics in a prompt and orderly way, efficiency plummets. 

If you need a Company with an excellent record for organized logistics, communication, prompt delivery and safety, click the Company Documents link below to find out more, get a quote and let us get to work haulin' for you.  

If you enjoy the challenge and pace of our industry and need a team to support the backroom for your broker agent skills, click the Broker Docs tab below to learn about agent opportunities.

If you need a Company with the strength of skill to assist you with a change or just a load, click the Carrier Pack link below, print the Carrier Packet and once filled, email ( or fax it (919.249.1373) and let's get you haulin'.

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